Sunday, August 31, 2008


Gustav is not looking quite as terrifying this morning as he did last night. He's still a major hurricane, and on a track that is likely to cause a lot of trouble for energy infrastructure, and a lot of anguish in New Orleans. Things can change in a heartbeat, of course, but for now, it looks like it won't be the total catastrophe it appeared it would be last night.

For future reference...the links I use to monitor the storm:

National Hurricane Center - U.S. government's hurricane site.

Weather Underground - Nicer maps than the NHC site has, plus Jeff Masters' blog.

Storm2k - Forums where a lot of professional meteorologists post their own forecasts.

Houston Chronicle's Hurricane Central - Hurricane coverage from Big Oil's hometown.

Navy/NRL Tropical Cyclone Page - Big, detailed satellite images. - A forum for weather geeks.

Shannymara's Storm Tracker - Map with oil infrastructure, hurricane track, and real time weather radar.

WaterWatch: Water Science That Weathers the Storm - Hydrologic impact map with real time storm surge sensor data.

Ocean Weather - Map with wave height and direction.

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