Saturday, July 19, 2008

Night Shift

Natural gas powered car

Got a chance to drive a natural gas vehicle the other day. It was a Honda Civic. It handled just like a regular car. (Unlike the electric vehicles I've driven, which have a notable lack of "pickup.") The range is more limited, but it's not terrible.

One thing that is kind of a pain: no room for cargo. The natural gas tank takes up most of the trunk space, leaving just a narrow space hardly larger than the glove compartment.

I usually don't work nights any more, but last week, I went out to a site where concrete beams were being placed. The work was being done at night, because the traffic is lighter then.

Even at 10pm at night, the traffic was insane. They had to close both lanes, for safety reasons, and the traffic backed up forever. It was a never-ending sea of headlights. Where the heck is everyone going at that hour of the night? If people are driving less due to high gas prices, I didn't see any evidence of it.

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