Sunday, July 27, 2008

A nuclear power plant

Driving through New York, I spotted this power plant. I thought it must be a nuclear power plant, and checking Google Maps, yup, it's the Indian Point nuclear power plant. Called the Indian Point Energy Center, probably because it sounds more benign.

It was getting dark, and I thought about hanging around until they turned the lights on. I bet it looks cool at night. But I didn't feel too safe, parked on the side of the highway. And I was afraid someone might think I was a terrorist or something, so I moved on.


Anonymous said...

What highway was that, by the way? (No highway actually goes past Indian Point Energy Center). The energy center is hidden away on side roads, and not viewable from any major road. The campus includes many types of generation devices, including diesels, batteries, and gas turbines. Therefore the name.

What would be dangerous, would be to NOT HAVE the energy center in operation.Without its operation NYC would go dark, leaving the stock exchange, the UN, all the theaters, and all the hospitals helpless.

If you wish to visit, simply call the Entergy public relations officer, and request a tour. I'm sure you would find that a lot more satisfying than writing innaccurate, silly speculations in this blog!

Leanan said...

I can't remember which highway it was. But I think it's obvious from the photo that it's not one that goes past the power plant. It's one across the river from the plant. 9W? 202? PIP? One of those. A fairly major highway, and the plant was in fact viewable. Very much so.

What silly, inaccurate speculations did I post? I just posted a photo, with very little text at all. You act like I called for the eradication of nuclear power or something.

Anonymous said...


i live in this area and i never knew the official name was the "indian point energy center"

EVERYBODY calls it the "indian point nuclear power plant"

NOBODY calls it the "energy center"

and if anyone's silly and inaccurate, it's you, anon. indian point is easily viewable from rte. 202, which is very much a major road

Carl Carlson said...

Hi Leanan -

I've floated by Indian Point in a de-masted racing sail boat with a through hull temperature transducer. We observed a 6 degree F Trise as we passed the outlet pipes.

Did you know that Indian Point sits directly on top of a fault line? The NYT covered this in the aftermath of Three Mile Island.

Indian Point also sits on top of one of the NYV evacuation corridors so in the event of a quake millions could flee NYC only to find themselves trapped in a 'nuclear event'.

I just saw your TOD post on 'any fuel is fine'. ADM agrees.

Get your barf bag out before following the link. Essentially ADM & Monsanto say biofuels have nothing to do with the 2007 40% increase in food prices, its the cost of transportation...

If you'd like, my poor withering blog is